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A pain relief massage, what is it?

An efficient way to reduce blockages, pain and tension. That is the Pain relief massage in short.

To get off to a good start, we have a short conversation in which you can explain where you are experiencing problems. This is important in order to be able to work specifically on the problem zones and their origin. During the massage I let myself be guided by my intuition and our first conversation.

It often happens that the pain does not originate in the place where you feel it. The body is a master at compensating to avoid feeling pain. However, this creates an imbalance that eventually causes more problems than you originally had. Addressing the origin of the complaint is therefore more important than addressing the complaint itself.

The beauty of the pain relief massage is that I approach the complaint and the origin during 1 session, so you immediately feel a lot better than before and the first step has been taken towards a full recovery and pain-free life.

Important: When we address the origin of a complaint, your body has to get used to a better posture again without compensation. This can cause more discomfort the day after a massage. You can compare it to the muscle pain you have the day after a heavy effort, when the pain is over you are a bit stronger than before the heavy effort. By repeating this process you will continue to grow and improve. This is also the case with massage, one session makes you feel better, but if you let yourself be massaged on a regular basis, you will continue to work towards a complaints-free life.

Once you have rid of your complaints, it is advisable to schedule a massage every 4 to 6 weeks as maintenance, so that your body remains flexible and healthy!

Because of my background as a sports and fitness coach, I can also provide exercises, if necessary, so that you can also start improving yourself at home.

Would you like to get rid of your complaints, do you want to continue to perform optimally at work or during sports?

Book your appointment, give your body the support it deserves to grow towards a pain-free and smoother life.

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