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Postoperative massage

An operation can have far-reaching consequences for the body, with good follow-up after the operation you can make the recovery as pleasant as possible.

With an operation, people quickly think of an accident, however, procedures at the plastic surgeon also fall under this category. After an operation by the plastic surgeon, good follow-up is also very important, the better the follow-up, the better the result!

In any surgery, be it cosmetic or after an accident, the recovery period can be enhanced by adding massage to the recommended therapies. It is recommended to start with massage when the sessions with the physiotherapist are coming to an end. If you would rather start earlier, discuss it with your doctor and physiotherapist, they can indicate whether you have recovered enough to start with massage.

To promote recovery, the massage therapist can choose from different techniques to obtain the best result. Lymph massage is often chosen, with the focus on draining moisture. Another good massage technique is sports massage, the sports masseur is trained to work with injuries and during rehabilitation. He can therefore support you perfectly and apply the right techniques so that you are quickly back to normal.

It is important to know about sports massage when looking for a good masseur or masseuse. You can ask a sports masseur to pay extra attention to the operated zone. He will then work very focused to get you back in order quickly.

What are the benefits of postoperative massage?

  • Tissue healing is promoted. The massage techniques promote blood flow and the supply of oxygen to tissues and organs.

  • We reduce the accumulation of fluid, which reduces swelling and reduces pain.

  • With specific techniques we can reduce or avoid scar tissue and the skin remains supple, so the pain is less and the result is more beautiful.

  • By using mobilization techniques, we can also increase the mobility of joints, which is particularly noticeable during foot operations.

In addition to these benefits, the relaxing effect of a massage is a great way to plan a pampering moment for yourself. Eliminating tension is in itself a good start to a good recovery.

Do you have questions about a specific problem, would you like me to help you recover? Send me an email at and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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